Dot net Simple program example

The console base program which run the code of C# dot net program.

using System;
namespace prakashbhandari
    class MyProgram
        static void Main(string[] args)
            Console.Write("Hello World");
            /* To stop hiding the screen from user */

Out Put : Hello World


Dependent Observable in knockout

If we need some variable is dependable to other changes value then we should use the knockout dependent Observable.
Function name : dependentObservable
Detail link :


Dependent Observable:

function : dependentObservable

The Full name is


How to install MVC 4 into microsoft windows Visual Studio 2010

How to install MVC 4 into microsoft windows Visual Studio 2010.

Follow these steps to set up MVC 4 into Studio 2010.

Prerequisite : You have already installed Visual Studio.

Step 1: Download MVC 4
In the first step of MVC installation we need the Set up file. We can download the executable file from the below link.
MVC 4 for Visual Studio 2010
After downloading the exe setup file you can save it in to your computer and run set up.

Step 2: Now we have the MVC 4 set up file (“AspNetMVC4Setup.exe”) to install MVC 4. Right click and run as administrator or Double-click on it and it runs.

We need Visual Studio service pack before installing the MVC 4 in our computer. so, Please go though this link and install the service pack on Visual Studio.
Download Link