Adding Content on Plugin Desciption Row

Adding Content on Plugin Desciption Row

I have used the wordpress function for other detail of my plugin.  These Meta text caontent are html, link or content.  I have added the content text of Faq, Read Me, Donate Link and Other Icon for my facebook and other social media link.

Code Used

add_filter( ‘plugin_row_meta’,’pkb_advert_pop_links’,10,2);
function pkb_advert_pop_links($links, $file)
$base = plugin_basename(PKB_ADVERTISE_PLUGIN_FILE);
if ($file == $base)

$links[] = ‘<a href=”http://prakashbhandari.info.np/wordpress/wordpress-plugins/advertise-pop/”  title=”FAQ”>FAQ</a>’;
$links[] = ‘<a href=”http://prakashbhandari.info.np/wordpress/wordpress-plugins/advertise-pop/”  title=”Read Me”>README</a>’;
$links[] = ‘<a href=”http://prakashbhandari.info.np/donate/1″ title=”Donate”>DONATE</a>’;

$links[] = ‘<a href=”http://prakashbhandari.info.np/” title=”Support”></a>’;
$links[] = ‘<a href=”https://www.facebook.com/prakashkumarbhandari” title=”Facebook”></a>’;
$links[] = ‘<a href=”https://plus.google.com/110174231559558592568″ title=”+1 us on Google+”></a>’;
return $links;



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