How to create repository of SVN?

What is SVN Server?

VisualSVN Server allows you to easily install and manage a fully-functional Subversion server on the Windows platform. It can maintain an Apache Subversion server on the Windows platform. for file and sharing option to the.

Download Visual SVN Server


We need to install the SVN server on our computer. There have following stages to crate svn repository.

How to Create SVN repository?

I have assumed the repository folder name onsnews for below example.

Step1 : open the system file in installed location of VisusalSVN Server Manager.


Step 2: Create new Repository. [the server interface displays the creating of repository area. create repository as same below the image.]


[ After Create the repository folder It Creates three sub folder [i. branches, ii. tags , iii. trunk] in every repository]


Be confirm to check the button [Create default structure (trunck, beanches, tag)]

Copy the URL to clipboard of the created folder.

There would be link in this form we need to replace the name by ip


replaced ip


After copying the Repository link

Go to your project folder

Right click choose TortoiseSVN  –> Import …


It puts files and folder in SVN Server

We need to confirm it is on the copied on server

 {repository} >> {project_folder_name} >> trunk=> {list of imported files}.

It displays all imported data available from previous stage on Trunk folder.


In the previous stage we find the data are on SVN repository server. Then we need to sink the data from local and server machine.

Our above folder onsnews folder in the D:\wanp\www

Have need to sink to our SVN server.

Right Click on the folder name which you want to replicate from svn server

SVN Checkout =>

Make sure that the repository folder name with

Syntax: https//{computer server ip}/{project repository name}/trunk


Checkout directory is path of your local folder what you want to checkout.

Example Like



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