Windows Was unable To Complete The Format-How to solve this (Solution)

Sometimes while formatting a pen drive , we get an error-Windows was unable to complete the format.Also in the explorer window ,the drive is shown but without showing total memory and free memory and if you try to format it ,it shows error.
                       In this post I will show you, step by step, how to solve this problem and repair your pen drive.This method works both on windows 7 and windows 8.

  • First in the explorer window your pen drive is shown as follows: 


Unable to complete the format
Windows was unable to complete the format
  • Now right click on computer, select Manage.Computer Management window will open.Select Disk management and all the drives on your system will be shown.

  disk management

  • Go to bottom of window, right click on your pen drive and select  change drive letters and paths .Remove the previous name and assign any other name which is not previously assigned.
windows was unable to complete the format
  • Then again right click on pen drive in computer management window and select New simple volume.A wizard will open .Click next and select FAT32 as file system.Again click next and your pen drive will be formatted and all space will be recovered. 
unable to complete the format
formatting the usb drive
If you face any problem in implementing above steps ,do let me know in comments.
If the above method does not work for you, I have written another post to repair the corrupted SD card/ hard drive.
My problem is solved by this post it is helpful for you too. Thanks
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